Wolf and Coyote

Friend sent this to me.  She said it was from MT.  Pretty sure that's not a coyote pup either.  Can't imagine being in the middle of a pack of those SOBs.

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Thats a big SOB

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Not cute and cuddly like animal rights activists try to make you think! When you see one close up you learn quickly why elk, moose, even grizzlies stay clear of them! They are verocious killing machines! Many cat hunters have quit running their dogs in wolve country because what a couple of wolves can do to a pack of dogs in a matter of minutes

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 Wow. I think I would want a little more than a .223 in that situation. A .270 would be nice.

Is it impious to weigh goose music and art in the same scales? I think not, because the true hunter is merely a noncreative artist. Who painted the first picture on a bone in the caves of France? A hunter. Who alone in our modern life so thrills to the sight of living beauty that he will endure hunger and thirst and cold to feed his eye upon it? The hunter. Who wrote the great hunter's poem about the sheer wonder of the wind, the hail, and the snow, the stars, the lightnings, and the clouds, the lion, the deer, and the wild goat, the raven, the hawk, and the eagle, and above all the eulogy to the horse? Job, one of the great dramatic artists of all time. Poets sing and hunters scale the mountains primarily for one and the same reason--the thrill of beauty. Critics write and hunters outwit their game primarily for one and the same reason--to reduce that beauty to possession. The differences are largely matters of degree, consciousness, and that sly arbiter of the classification of human activities, language. If, then, we can live without goose music, we may as well do away with stars, or sunsets, or Iliads. But the point is we would be fools to do away with any of them. 

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Big critters, aren't they!!!

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 This wolf was taken around Hammond,MT after killing a couple sheep.

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Heck I'd even go after one if i knew i could find it tied to a tree!!

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miller man
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holy honkers....

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wolves are killers but they arent as bad as some people belive them to be i have been deer hunting in northern wi my whole life and have run into many wolves even been within couple feet of some but i do belive the populations need to come down a little

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walleyez97 Said:
Heck I'd even go after one if i knew i could find it tied to a tree!!

Ha ha, no kidding


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 and i am working in yellowstone next summer where they live what am i thinking


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This pic makes me happy in the face! ALOT!

Dead animals don't need fur anyway!!!!!!!!!!

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im thinking you should get a good gun and lots of ammo and wait til they cross the park border....

bdog2013 Said:
 and i am working in yellowstone next summer where they live what am i thinking