winchester Model 88 gun stock

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winchester Model 88 gun stock
Does anyone know of a good and reasonably priced source for a wood stock for a Winchester Model 88?
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What is your definition of "reasonably priced"?

Lots of good websites out there to buy stocks from but I suspect you are looking at anywhere from $280 and above.  I spent quite a bit of time searching for a wood stock for my S&W a couple years ago and finally just put a synthetic on it.

The devil is certainly in the details when it comes to buying a wood stock online, quality of the wood and how much finishing you are willing to do yourself will determine the price.

FWIW, I had an opportunity a few years ago to send off a buddy's rifle to get a new stock.  It was a Win model 70 and that cost me $270 to do it through Winchester.


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Here you go:

If you're handy with woodwork you can finish it yourself.  If not, probably figure on another $150 for a gunsmith to finish it for you.

There is also a gentleman in Grand Forks who has a stock making machine that can duplicate pretty much any factory stock but I'm not sure what he charges.  Old Dog Gunstocks.  If you're looking for a fully finished stock and want it installed I suspect you're going to spend $400+ by the time you're finished.

Numrich gun parts is another good place to check, they're out of the currently, you might call them and see if they're expecting any more.

Good luck

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Joined: 8/21/07  have a variety of stocks for the model 88. $150 on up. Check it out.

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