White Bass Recipes

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White Bass Recipes

I've been catchin alot of whities on Sak. I was wondering if they were good eating and if anyone knew any good recipes.

Thanks guys

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They are a real oily fish. I have eaten them before, and they were alright fried, but It has been quite a few years ago.

Mind if i ask where on Sak., as they are a blast to catch.

If it flies it dies!

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They're really good with vegetables. Just dig a hole in your garden and use them for fertilizer.

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White bass are excellent to eat. When you clean them, make sure you remove the red meat.

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Dont know much about the other post's meaning's.

(Red meat and oily? Must be a different white bass than I have caught?)

White Bass will fit right in with your normal Walleye recipe. I personnaly quit keeping them unless they are real big due to the slimness, and the large rib cage. If they are nice size, fillet them just like an Eye and cook them the same way. If mixed in with Eyes for a deep fry no one will know the difference.

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if they're too red, with any fish you catch you should cut their gills to bleed them out before you fillet them. You'll be amazed by how much whiter you fillets will come out. we use the same recipe as we do with walleye when we cook them. one thing with white bass is that if you freeze them, they really get mushy and you can definately taste the difference.


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We always catch quite a few on minnows with a bobber out on Skunk Bay. Thanks for the feedback.

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I agree with crankin-eyes. White bass taste almost exactly like walleye. When I fillet them I do it just like a walleye and the cut out the red meat. There is also a mud vein or blood vein or whatever you wat to call it down the middle. Cut that out also and you will have some prime white bass. I just dip them in beaten egg and then cornmeal with a little salt and deep fry them. They taste great.

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White Bass are excellent eating fish.Oily?You sure you were'nt eating skipjack and thought they were white bass.

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boil em first to get rid of most of the oil when i was younger i smoked some tuned out really good