Whats a good meat slicer?

Don't want a $200 dollar slicer but I am looking for a decent one for slicing jerky and that type thing.  What do you guys use? 

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Select choice, great unit

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 Not trying to try talk you out of it but unless the new ones are better , It takes me more time to clean up the slicer that If I do it the old fashion way.   I am not even sure of the brand that we have but it is a good stainless steel one and wehardly ever use it . I freeze the meat slightly and use a SHARP knife and it cuts up nice.        On second thought a slicer might be great investment if you can talk your wife into cleaning it every time you use it. 




Life is good




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If you were a badminton ace, I think this would be a good bumper sticker:  "Suck my Shuttlecock" 




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A Knife.

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I ended up getting an LEM for Christmas. I was skeptical of any slicer working good for slicing duck and goose breasts. I can tell you, after slicing up 12lbs of meat last weekend with it, I am very pleased. I had a jerky board that I hadn't used yet, ended up taking that back. 


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I got the LEM for Christmas too and like it.  I don't mind cutting jerkey with a knife but if you are slicing up goose breasts it is hard to make thin deli slices with a knife so the slicer is great.  Just like Mr. Whiskey I sliced up some smoked goose breast this week and it worked great.  Now I got sandwich meat.  Clean up is not that bad either.  It also has an adjustible dial for thickness, which is nice.

It is my first slicer so perhaps a more experienced person would perfer a different one, but for the price I got what I expected so far and am pleased.