What is your 100 year legacy?

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What is your 100 year legacy?

The other day my 9 year old grandson and I were playing GI Joes with my Grandpa's World War 1 USMC helmet...my grandson is very into history, and particularely family history...he thought it was SOOOO cool to be putting on the very helmet that his great great grandpa put on his head over 100 years ago. This morning I got to thinking...what is it that my decendents will treasure of mine 100 years from now? We all have stuff that we plan to give to our kids or grandkids when they get a place of their own, (such as that table or those dishes, etc) but something that will be around 100 years from now?!? Of all the material stuff we have these days, what is it that will define who we were, and be priceless and treasured by family members...not so much out of instrinsic value, but out of family heritage sentimental value? I thought the ultimate legacy would be to pass along a farm or some land, which I don't have. Both of our mothers passed on a couple years ago, and now the kids are wishing they would have something else from those estate sales. I still have a 105 year old wedding gift night stand given to my Mom's parents by her uncle. I have a homemade bench that my Grampa built with me out of peach crates when I was 5...it would be a couple bucks in a rummage sale but it is one of my most valued family posessions. To me it defines his character as a thrifty German farmer, putting such care and craftsmanship into a salvaged wood bench. So for my legacy I am thinking my lever action .22 rifle that I bought with the first paychecks of my first job (as a dishwasher) when I was 16, or one of my guitars...but it made me think...maybe there is something else. So what is it that YOUR family will treasure 100 years from now?

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I have a painting my grandmother made, probably in the late 80's or early 90's that will be passed on, she didn't get a chance to complete it before she passed away so it has no signature, but it is framed and it's quite a nice work of art.  As for MY 100 year legacy, I haven't really decided what it might be...still working on that I guess.  Perhaps the bolt action remington .22 I had the opportunity to disassemble and refinish in shop class when I was in high school.  It was also the first .22 I had purchased with my own money after a summer of shingling houses.

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