What is the Crud Going Around Called?

Not to sound any alarms but anybody been sick with this?  The cough is supposed to stick around for a couple more weeks as I have been told by laymen.  Went to the doc three weeks ago, described my symptoms and was not diagnosed with anything specific.  Was given cough syrup and sent on my way.  The cough refuses to leave.  I have eaten enough cough drops to kill a horse.  Tired of it.

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Stizostedion vitreum
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Other symptoms include:  !st week feeling like run over by a truck and chest congestion, in bed for several days.

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Captain Ahab
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That second part sounds like what that State Patrol Captain probably feels like right now.  Sorry, I am no help to you.

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Yeah I had it coming on pretty strong last week...went home from work early Wednesday..felt like crap thursday...but drowned it out Friday and Saturday with a whole bunch of Pendleton and have felt great since.

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I had it for a couple of months.  I still have a sinus infection.  I was on anibiotics for about 10 days which did absolutely nothing.  The cough finally went away but I sure had a sore throat.

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i ended up getting some steriods for what ever it is and they helped.


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 I am on week 5.   Getting better very slowly.

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Wife was sick til yesterday, I'm home with a sick kid again today, I'm on my 3rd hour of catching up on Deadliest Catch, somehow I was able to find the only frozen pizza in existence that is aweful, it's overcast and no wind and I'm not fishing. Terrible stuff that is for sure, sounds like people are sick everywhere. I feel fine other than the inside of the house makes me want to lose my mind.

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Stizostedion vitreum
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Yeah...forgot about the sore throat part the first week.  I feel fine other than this damb cough.  I was on antibiotics also, but they had no effect on the cough symptoms.  My wife still coughing also.  Neither of my kids have come down with it though.  Weird.  Thought for sure we would get it.

What we do in life echoes for eternity.   Shadows and dust.

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Sounds like what has been going around Bismarck for quite awhile.
Only hope is probably to drown it out.

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Sounds like a hangover.  (grin)

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