western north dakota pheasants

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western north dakota pheasants

I was wondering if any one knows how the pheasant hatch was this spring mainly on the western side of the state i have heard they have gotten a ton of rain actually i think i heard a record rainfall this spring.

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Lots of rain across the state last night, some places 2-4 inches.  I spent a few days in the central part of the state this week and didn't see any chicks but that's not unusual.  Haying will begin in earnest next week, then we'll be able to get a handle on pheasant production.   However, ducks and geese are everywhere.

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Tim Sandstrom
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I can't imagine this type of rainfall is helping the situation at all.

She's still raining here in Minot.  Not sure what we have had over the night.  I slept hard, very hard.



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According to the radio this morning we had around 54/100 over the night in Minot.  Seems like more than that but I'm sure some places received more than others.

I hope numbers are good again as I have a new Browning Citori 525 16 guage to run some shells through!!!  Like Tim said though, this rain can't be helping things any but they will nest up to 4 times so keeping my fingers crossed.

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Just a little information from and avid Rooster Chaser.

Was in Mott and Regent area last week - birds are in places they weren't last fall - I would estimate the population is up at least 20% vs prior. Some broods have hatched and they look healthy. Saw little pint size chicks and some actually just under pullet stage. One brood had 22 chicks and several in the 15-20 numbers. should be good or better this year than last (which was phenominal).

Was in Beulah area Monday & Tuesday - old hunting areas are out of CRP and late getting new crops in - doesn't look good - found a few nests that had only 6-8 eggs and not even close to hatching - this region will drop off my list for this fall - I usually get 60 plus days in the field but lost my hunting partner this winter - 4 year old golden had a blood clot adn tipped over in the living room - time to start over.

Good luck to all the Rooster Chasers out there this fall.


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relax you trophy rooster hunters, there will be plenty of ditch chickens for you guys to hunt

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