water toys to pull behind the boat

they should be going on sale - where is the best place to get em - other then scheels.  I have one of them scheels ones.  Looking for something different.  

Second - what do you feel is the best of best - that your kids luv for tubes?

Thanks ahead of time.

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Depends if you want your kids to sit or lay on there stomach when tubing.  We are getting a bit sit down tube this fall when they are on sale.  We have the flat style now. 

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Mermaid Barbie is not durable enough for the money.  I got MAYBE 10 minutes of skips.  IMHO; this is MY experience, I'm not looking for an argument.

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sitting ones - triton where are you getting yours at?

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Shorthairs, try Cabelas. We invested in the "Big Boy" and I'm pretty sure I gave Mrs. Jig-em-up and her friend both enemas............. It's the "stomache style"

Anyway, they have many different styles, I didn't really check on their pricing much.

We did pick up a sit-down one, not sure of the brand or name.

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Fleet Farm has some good ones and usually on sale...the flat ones are more fun .. some of the O'Brien and Airheads are too bad....for sit down I think there almost all the same other than you need to make sure it has a heavy duty canvas cover.

this one isn't bad...between $75-$95

or are you looking for more along these lines...of course this will run you $200...

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These things are the best back in the day lol

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I vote for round flat lay down style, preferably one that sits a ways off the surface of the water, you get less rope spray in your face that way and it raises your center of gravity, making it more challenging to stay on. Im into aggressive, try to knock the tuber off style tubing tho.

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I like flat tubes as a rider. They are a bit easier to ride than the taller tubes. More fun with two people on them too. We get pretty wild, there are days a helmet, mouthpiece, and neck brace should be considered mandatory equipment. The kids sure do like the sit down styles though. Scheels usually has good sales, otherwise we shop online to find the "different" stuff.

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Flat style airhead has been very durable for us, as we have abused it really bad. You can put your riders in the air with that bad boy and when you dump them, Ive had the thing flying like a kite behind the boat.

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We have one that is a double, one kid behind the other.  Doubles as a small boat for the kids; came with a kayak type paddle.  Pretty good quality as it still is in good shape today; 10 or so years old.  

I used to see a pretty good selection out at River City Sports.   I'm in there daily; I'll take a better look tomorrow and report back.    AND could let you know when theirs go on sale.