Walleye Ice Fishing Red Lake MN January 8-11, 2015

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Walleye fishing on the huge Red Lake is a unique experience. It's divided into an upper and lower portion, and only about half of the upper portion is accessible to most anglers. The other two thirds is part of a Reservation. It gets a good amount of fish

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enjoy it while you can.our dnr posted that the red lake band harvested 1million lbs of walleye in 2014,thats all we know about,the lower red who knows as the rez is sovergin,so we non natives got nailed again with a lower daily from (4) walleyes under 20"s slot,to (3) and now (2) fish,17" to 26 protected...

Sad deal,it took 10 years to bring the lake back after years of tribal commercial fishing,about 90% of the funds for stocking came from non native tax payers,the BIA had a hand in it but they are funded by federal tax money so it really doesn't count.

Too bad some can't learn from history,just a vicious circle,but for now a good day is 20,30 or even 40 walleyes per person.just can't keep any.

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