Venison Sticks

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Venison Sticks

I am looking for everyone's favorite recipe or places that make venison sticks. A few years back I knew a guy who came out to Nodak pheasant hunting with us at our cabin and he brought venison sticks he had made in Iowa that had swiss cheese in them I think they were called swizzler sticks and we used them in Bloody Mary's simply delicious does anyone have or know of this type of venison stick?

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 Prime cut meats in Fargo makes good ones. I'll be bringing my deer there Friday morning

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The best I have found are from Von Hanson's Meat Markets in MN. They have a hot pepper cheese stick that is amazing. Put it in a Bloody Mary, Clam Digger, or best served straight up with a nice cold beer.

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 One of our sponsors, M&M Sausage and Meats in Bismarck makes them.  They do a good job - tasty stuff!



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L&M Meats in Grand Forks has some fantastics sticks.

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most places make good venison sticks, to each their's pretty hard to mess them up IMO.

with that being said has anyone had a place really f-them up or a place that did a horrible job processing their animal?

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Have been making a Chipotle Wildfire meat stick lately. Incredible, distinct flavor, with a well balanced heat... if you want a a meat stick with more heat just add hi temp pepper jack cheese, good stuff!