UV Paint on Goose Decoys????

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UV Paint on Goose Decoys????

   I've noticed the ads in Cabelas etc. for UV paint for goose decoys.  Just curious if it works or not.  I have some new Dakota and Avian X decoys, and I was considering the UV paint--but I hate to screw up the decoys if it doesn't work.  Supposedly the decoys are supposed to be more visable to the birds??????????   Has anyone had experience with this??  Thanks for any information.

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 Just from my ornithology class, birds see uv which is basically just a brighter version of the feathers. I know on birds with lots of color, it helps during mating season. For whatever reason, some males are brighter (in UV) than other males. A couple issues I could see, uv paint being too bright or in the wrong spots.

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I do just fine without UV paint