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Re: Nisan or Tahatsu kickers?
on 2006-09-22 22:06:03
i ordered an 18hp 4 str. elec start tohatsu and rec'd it 1st week of july. it runs really nice, is quiet and very fuel efficient. with proper care i don't see why this engine won't perform as well as any other foreign or domestic?? OB engine on the market. if tohatsu is the parent company and parts are interchangeable with nissan or mercs of the same hp, i fail to see why if something needs to be fixed that parts would be a problem. these same arguments were around when honda, suzuki and other japanese motors were being introduced in competition with mercs, mariners, johnson and evinrude. the local boat shop dealer a few yrs ago sold mercs and said he wouldn't touch a honda or suzuki engine, well, he ended up selling both, so much for that. i am very satisfied with my engine and i hope more dealers will stock them.
Re: Nisan or Tahatsu kickers?
on 2006-04-19 13:12:26
I bought a 5hp nissan to take along to Alaska a couple yrs ago. it started easily, was quiet and was very economical on gas. i was really impressed with that little motor. i don't think you could go wrong on buying one, in fact i am thinking of buying another one 15 to 18hp elec start.
Re: Dorgan wants your guns.....
on 2007-01-14 14:14:52
this topic isn't going to change anyones mind. when it gets closer to Easter i want to open up a non-controversial topic like on what religion do you belong to and why do you think it will be the one that will get you to the pearly gates, shake st peters hand, gabrial will toot his horn, the gate will open and you will be greeting all your
FBO friends you had down here. who knows, i may be standing there too holding a welcome sign.
Re: Dorgan wants your guns.....
on 2007-01-14 09:31:37
the problems of the NRA are the leaders in the national office, they hijacked an otherwise noble organization. No money for dues from me to support those jerks!
Re: Dorgan wants your guns.....
on 2007-01-13 23:15:46
Bushwacker - read my posts again, if you don't understand what i wrote, then please have someone explain it to you. i don't like the organization anymore and i refuse to contribute anything to them. that should be my american right, do you understand now?
Re: Dorgan wants your guns.....
on 2007-01-13 14:53:25
dorgan, conrad and pomeroy should be aware of the fact how many people in ND own guns - collectors, for sports and hunting. they should also be aware that their votes are carefully watched on these issues. i would say their political life will end very quickly the next time they come up for election or how about a recall if they think they can join the antigun movement and get way with it. the power at the ballot box still rules if my memory is still working.
Re: Dorgan wants your guns.....
on 2007-01-13 13:51:48
Bushwacker - if you read my posts carefully, the NRA was taken over by radical right wingers and made the organization political by splitting the membership,either you agreed with their agenda or you were a yellow backed bleeding heart liberal or anything else they could name you. The NRA was good for us gun owners until they took over. mixing political crap in the NRA was a huge mistake as they lost thousands of members. the election in Nov proved that we aren't living under a saddam hussein regime where he got 100% of the vote, if anyone dared to not vote for him, they didn't get a 2nd chance to make that mistake again. now if you like to live under those circumstances, that's fine but don't include me , i like to think for myself i don't care who you vote for to send to Washington, people will find fault as none of them have ever represented all the voters in our state according to our political views. by being independent you can make your own judgement what you like about a canditate or don't like and vote accordingly. being a party member you are expected to vote for someone whether you agree or not.
Re: Dorgan wants your guns.....
on 2007-01-13 12:15:30
Dirty - Yes i hunt, i remember going hunting with my dad WAY back in 1938. my wife and i owned prime hunting land for 22 yrs. we did not charge anyone to hunt on our land ever. we had a resident 150-200 turkey flock and about 100 deer on our property. every year we took names of people that bothered to stop and ask to hunt before opening day, they got to hunt first, latecomers had to take their turn. our land was only for wildlife , no cattle, horses pigs or whatever. i believe that if you are a sportsman, you should do so having respect and compassion for the game you are pursuing and the land you are doing it on. my wife and i tried to live up to this philosphy, i believe we were well rewarded in doing so.
Re: Dorgan wants your guns.....
on 2007-01-13 12:01:51
eyekllr, you guys always believe that fear crap the radical right wing NRA puts out. they have been doing this for years and you are fallinto that same trap. you are going to get more of their BS since they are not in the majority in congress. the NRA use to be a good organization back in the 60's, the rifleman magazine was a good publication and had lots of interesting stuff for us gun nuts. then the org. was taken over by right wing radicals and they lost many many members. to get gun owners to sign on to their crap they put out this fear stuff periodically to keep the members in line. this past year a severe drouth hit 1/2 of ND, our 3 reps tried to get aid for the farmers and ranchers hit hardest, the republican congress turned them down, altho they voted to send Iraq 10 billion dollars a month. there is a big tract of land se of underwood that the coal mines own, they took the coal out, leveled it back and now it is fenced and closed to hunting. farmers and ranchers losing their property from foreclosures and then bought up by out of staters or big corporations will do the same thing. we keep our guns and no place to hunt or lose our guns and can't hunt - is there a difference?
Re: Dorgan wants your guns.....
on 2007-01-13 09:53:18
yes, i went after Dorgan bigtime a few years ago about the COE regulating the water flows on the MO Riv. he flat out lied to me and i called him on it with letters to the newspapers ,personally on the phone and radio. my reward a few months later i got audited by the IRS, strange coincidence becuz i was forwarned it might happen. i still vote for him as he and the other 2 do a lot for our farmer friends, which i haven't seen the republicans in congress doing. our reps do listen and if enough sportsman make a lot of noise these guys will get the message loud and clear.
Re: Dorgan wants your guns.....
on 2007-01-13 09:15:58
The NRA must be having a membership drive again. Our reps to congress each have only one vote and that is not enough to pass any of those idiotic schemes to take your guns away. i quit the NRA several years ago because of its extremist views to get people worked up so they can pass their own agenda. this argument is used in every election against the democrats by the NRA. they are what i consider a "Nazi" organization run by a bunch of right wing extremists..
Re: silencers
on 2007-01-13 08:56:16
Sportsman you get an "A" for figuring my post out. you have it exactly right. i hunted in the very first bow season i believe was in 1954 - also the first death recorded of a bow hunter getting hit with an arrow. bow hunting was meant to hunt PRIMITIVLY, but look what it has evolved to and the bowhunters keep wanting more and more. they are taking the sport out of the sport. fair chase isn't even thought of, it is getting your big buck in any nefarious way you can. maybe the legislature and G&F should take a new look at this sport and put it back the way it was meant to be. i've been around long enough to know that silencers are regulated by federal law, there are a lot of people out there that would think this would be a great idea for various reasons, a lot of them not good. i hope the muzzle loaders keep their sport "clean" and not try to change the laws to circumvent the reason for the sport.
Re: HB 1184 - Handgun While Archery Hunting
on 2007-01-12 19:53:35
few years ago, sure made a big difference on how fast you could fill your antelope bow tag when you had your .222 along. if no one is around it should work for deer too.
Re: Please, not President Hillary Clinton!
on 2007-02-09 11:06:03
3X- well, i don't think every serviceman in Iraq is totally elated that he or she is there, many of them that want a career in the service know better than to criticize or their career is over in a blink. Carter won the Nobel peace prize, bush will get the buffoon prize. bush lied to get us in the war by supplying false information to congress, that is what they had to go on to make their decisions, he started the war cause "saddam tried to kill my dad" direct quotation. his admininstration started the war, he is responsible to end it instead of asking the democrats and others how to get out of it, besides he hasn't listened and won't listen to any advice given to him by the dems or the republicans. how many more need be sacrificed over there for his stupidity, by kicking that antpile that's been killing each other since Adam and Eve? they are in a civil war now, we are in a Viet Nam on the desert and Bush was warned of that but he wouldn't listen. the way out for us is to tell them in no uncertain terms we've done all we can for you, now here is the ball we are out of here.
Re: Please, not President Hillary Clinton!
on 2007-02-09 09:03:15
I have said all along that i am an INDEPENDENT voter. I and about 70% of the voters in this country just don't happen to believe George Bush is the most intelligent president we have had since 1776. the last 6 years prove that with how he has misled our country into. this is the worst mess we have ever been into and there is no end in sight. we just keep pouring billions and billions of dollars into a war that was started on lies. we have lost 3115 sevvice men & women so far plus thousands wounded. not much is said about the families of these serviceman, who are having a very difficult time and struggling too. that is the ugliest side of the bush admin., the other side is the corruption in the republican party, right now we have scooter and cheney in court lying thru their teeth about revealing a CIA agent's name. it just goes on and on with the republicans. there is plenty of criticism to go around for the dems too, but right now we have a very crooked bush admin to deal with and make sure those people are either cast out of office or put in jail where they belong.
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