Tip-up Line Marker Alternatives


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Tip-up Line Marker Alternatives

Wondering what everyone uses as line markers on their tip-ups. I really enjoy using tip-ups to spread out on the ice, but really don't enjoy using the little 1/2" red and white bobbers as line markers. They are hard to manage on the cold days and I seem to break them when I have a fish on and the bobber goes below the ice, and when I bring it up they get caught on the side of the ice and break. I have just used thill bobber stop strings too, but they don't seem to stay in one place very well on the braided line. There has to be something better out there to use.

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I have used the bobbers and don't mind them, but I always seem to lose them. One thing I always have that I like to use is small split shots. They won't break like the bobbers and are cheaper to lose. They aren't as easy to see though, especially when fishing at night.

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You let me know when you find one. I myself have tried everything under the sun and there still isn't one near as good as the bobbers.

Slip knots- Do exactly just that. Plus if you fished 30' the day before and are only fishing 10' the next day you have to strip all that line and move the knot just to wind it all back up again.

Mini Split shots- hard to see, eventually squish so much that you can't get them off the line and they hang up on the spool or eye of the tip-up causing missed bites.

Depth weight- using it everytime you reset your bait, Yeah right!

Just my experience.

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I cut big rubber bands in half and use them for a depth marker. They are easier to work with and easier to see than a regular bobber stop.

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I just had an idea. I've never done it, but how about a colored glow in the dark mini split shot? I think I'll try it.

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Speed beads are the answer for me. Give them a try.

You wind them up in the line and they STAY PUT. Wade's Dakota Tackle has them the last time I purchased some a few years ago. I actually use them in soft water applications also.

give them a look:


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Rubber bands. Loop them around the line and through themselves, then tug tight. Easy on and off. Best I have found, bobbers and split shot suck IMO. Nothing worse than having to get a bobber or in the dark at 0 degrees!

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There really isn't an item that replaces the mini-bobber because of the internal spring that bobber has. I have used rubberbands before; they're okay if you aren't as mobile as some like to be.

What I do to get a rubberband hooked in without creating a knot is:
1) make a loop with the tip up line and hold between your left finger & thumb 1/4" above the depth you prefer = Loop A
2) make a loop with the tip up line and hold between your right finger & thumb 1/4" below the depth you prefer = Loop B
3) twist Loop B to make a 180-degree turn
4) place loop A through the loop B
5) place small piece of rubberband inside of Loop A
6) pull the two tip up lines tight.

Nice thing about this slipknot is it won't come undone with braided line, AND, it comes undone once the rubberband is pulled out! This is a fantasic and economic choice with those rubberbands that come with the newspapers/weekly ads.

When you're done with that depth, simply pull the rubberband and snap it. The knot comes undone and you start all over again.

I find that I have to buy those mini-bobbers at the beginning of each year because they rust up while in storage and become something I don't want to trust.

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use the mini syrofoam bobbers