Taylor's Spring Turkey Hunt 2014

Video Description: 

This is my first turkey hunt ever. I shot this turkey with my bow near Williston, ND on Sunday April 13, 2014, the second day of Spring Turkey Season. The hunt was self-filmed on my Nikon D5100.

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 Yup, did the hunt completely solo. I had some good input from a buddy of mine on what shots to get  during the hunt, then edited everything together. And I've tried the mouth calls before, but I totally suck with them. If it was a big tom coming in and I didn't have my call, believe me, I would have shut up and waited to see what he would do. The jakes on the other hand, I was just having fun with them. I know how smart these birds are. Matter of fact, the Tom that I shot didn't come in until I had stopped calling for about 15 minutes. The decoys certainly did their job quite well. Thanks for the kind words. This is the first time I've ever done any video editing, and it's certainly not the last. It was actually really fun piecing together the footage to recreate the hunt. Thanks for watchng!

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Really impressive work on the hunt and video. Did you do it solo? If so, it takes some planning for the shot sequences. Well thought out and enjoyable to watch. You might want to grab a mouth call next time, it didn't scare the birds this time!