Summer Perch fishing

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Summer Perch fishing

Does any one target perch in the summer?  If so how do you fish for them?  It seems to me they never bite in the summer.  I catch a stray one now and again when the walleye are not biting but never seem to catch more then one or two.  They are such a big draw in the winter why do people tend not to fish for them in summer?   

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funny you ask that as i just had this conversation with a buddy two nights ago.  my family actually fished them (and small walleyes) religiously for about two summers if memory serves just before devils lake started coming up in 1993 and had pretty good success.  we used the same techniques as we did in the winter.... pull up to a point (no trees underwater at that time), throw anchor, cut the minnow in half, put the head on a small jig or kastmaster, set it as close to the bottom as possible and wait.  like i said... we did rather well at it.  caught enuff to keep mom and the younger siblings happy on the boat which is easier said than done and gave a few of my friends their first introduction to fishing.  been meaning to try it again someday.  but, i don't get out often enuff anymore.  and the walleye fishing is so good it is hard to justify pulling up "little" (in comparison to the walleyes in the lake anyway) perch. 

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bb  check your private FB messages.

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Speaking of summer perch, my retired Dad wants to catch some when he visits. I used to take him to Ashtabula, but that's become hit/miss... mostly miss.

Anybody catching them at Spiritwood, etc.? Anything in the 9 -10 inch class would be just fine for him (even 6 inchers go in the livewell if I don't watch him like a hawk). Any suggestions within an hour or two from Fargo?