<p style="margin: 0pt; text-indent: 12px" align="justify"><font face="Arial"><font face="Arial" size="2">Saugeye are a hybrid produced by interbreeding male sauger and female walleye. As would be expected of a hybrid, saugeye have some features of both parent species. The body of the saugeye is tubular and elongate and the tail fin has a white border on the lower end, like a walleye. This sleek body style allows them to burst through the water for short sprints, as well as swim long distances at moderate speeds.<br />
<p style="margin: 0pt; text-indent: 12px" align="justify"><font face="Arial"><font face="Arial" size="2">Like saugers, saugeye also have the dark blotches across their sides and back, and the dorsal fin is usually spotted. Their coloration is generally yellowish- to golden-brown.</font></font></p>


Cannonball River - Sunday, June 7, 2015

 considering we were only at the rush river low water crossing 30 min we made out like bandits, 2 sauger (second one might have been a saugeye) both around 13 inches, 3 cats (1 small one and 2 19 inchers), and one goldeye. first sauger came on a green jig and the rest on crawlers and slip sinkers. heavy thunder and lightning. 

Lake Sakakawea - Friday, March 29, 2013

Went out east of skunk bay by independence point. Took my 4 wheeler as not sure what ice conditions were going to be, I wouldn't take a vehicle out right now as the snow cover on the ice is kind of tricky , I think a guy would have trouble getting stuck. Ice is 36" to 40" thick, had a hand auger and was totally exhausted out of shape! Caught sauger #2- #3 pds all through the day in 60' to 40' FOW. Caught perch not big but ok in 50' fow. Had a pole set at 15' caught pike but threw back. limited out on sauger. Hope this helps out alot of you thinking of going out!

Lake Audubon (Overview) - Saturday, January 19, 2013

Well here is the report as promised.  I was out Friday 18 January from about 4:00pm until Sunday morning around 10:00 am.  Started out Friday night on North Lake 13-15ft deep, not another soul out there so that was the first clue things weren't going to go well.  A short time after the lines got down I watched a nice pike about 7-8 lbs on the camera and I hooked up.  About 30 seconds into the fight my UL rod snapped right at the handle and that was the end of anything happening.  Saw a small walleye and a decent walleye on the camera but no more bites.  About 9pm we made the decision to hea

New Town / "River" Area - Tuesday, January 15, 2013

 Fished the mouth of Sanish Bay in 24' to 35' of water from 1500 to 1830 this evening.  Found the fish to be in the deeper water.  Got 3 walleye and missed/lost 5 fish.  Released 2 of the fish and kept one for dinner.  Fish were very negative.  Fished the same area yesterday and only caught one northern but lost several fish about half way up.  Used tip ups, buckshot w/ a minnow head, and a PK spoon.

The snow on the ice is causing some water flows and slush pockets on the south side of the bay closer to the bridge.  Ice was thinner down there too.


Tobacco Gardens / White Earth Bay Area - Saturday, January 5, 2013

I fished all day yesterday and had a great day.  I caught probably 30 walleye/sauger/saugeye between sun up and sun down.  The action was very hot in the morning, slow during the day and pretty good again before dark.  I caught every fish on the jig stick, never put out a tipup.  Size ranged from 13-18 inches. 


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