Northern Pike

The northern pike (known as the pike in Britain), Esox lucius, is a species of carnivorous fish of the genus Esox (the pikes). They are typical of brackish and freshwaters of the northern hemisphere (i.e. holarctic in distribution). They are also known by the literal translation of their latin name, "water wolf".

Helen Lake | 1/5/18

My wife and I went to Helen Lake to spear today. Ice was about 24 inches thick, but water was very murky. We fished for 2 1/5 hours and never had a fish come in. We could see our decoys down to about 4 feet and then got pretty cloudy after that. We fished on the south west corner of the lake in about 8 feet of water. Wondering if it would be clearer in other parts of the lake? Any thoughts?


| 1/16/17

Fished Alkali lake south of Dawson.Was only in 4 feet of water seen many pike then was able to get them to hit the perch jig. 4lb average will make good pickled fish. Good pike lake. Ice about 18" walked on due to all the snow.

Adams Lake | 11/7/16

Went to a small pond just West of my house saturday evening.  Caught 5 pike on a clonw Mepps #5 inline spinner with a bit of hair on the back.   All fish were on the north side of the pond and all hits where just at the endge of the weed line where the drop off starts.  Was a pretty good outting for just a few minutes time.



Devils Lake (Overview) | 8/15/16

Fished out of Grahams Island on Saturday with a few freinds.   We found fish in 15-31 FOW drifting/trolling sinners.  Caught a few ripping puppets as well.  Lots of undersize fish to pick through to get our limits.  Bonus for the day was a pair of dandy jumbo perch. 


Silver seemed to be the color, minnow and crawlers worked equaly as wel..



Devils Lake (Overview) | 6/27/16

Went out to Devils Lake last Thursday. Deep blue skies and a bit on the windy side.

Rented a boat from Sprirt Lake Casino.

Fishing the shallow inlets yielded two pike. One 21" on a spoon and a 31" on a Rapala.

Then fished the bridge channels using bottom bouncers and leeches leading to 2 walleye and a sauger. 

Couldn't get anything going fishing a ton of submerged structures. It was crazy.

Overall a slow day but better than being in at the office!

Devils Lake (Overview) | 6/3/16

Fished the west end of devils from shore last night, 3 guys managed 25 pike in 3 hours.  The Mepps in-line spinners out fished plastics 2-1, biggest fish of the night was just over 30 inches, a larger fish was lost. 

Kept 4 for the smoker, cant wait to fire it up next week. 



Stump Lake (Overview) | 5/30/16

Went out on stump and couldn't get fish only saw one walleye caught out of about 50 boats and none of the boats said they have been doing good all weekend except one guy who said he killed them on Friday and then nothing since but I did get one 15 or 16 pound northern about 36 inches he still had eggs in him along with every northern we caught this weekend


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