Adams Lake | 2/13/18

Went out the last few weekends on Audobaun and did pretty well in about 10-18 fow. However lately rumor has it that the walleye have been going deep. Last weekend we tried fishing in 31 fow and got a decent number of walleye, perch and one northern, but most of the fish were pretty small. Going out this weekend on Audobaun again, going to try shallow one night and deep the other night. Anyone got any tips on how deep the walleye are?

Fishing Report

Fished from Friday night (1/29) until sunday morning (1/31) on east bay. Only managed one small walleye on saturday night in about 18 f.o.w. I'm not sure how other people were doing, but it was a slow weekend. I talked to at least one guy who said he was in on the perch all day, not sure where though.

East side, south of campground

Fished in 16 to 40 ft. 26 degrees, sunny and no weather system. 3 to 9 inches ice. Minnow heads, wax worms and no bait were tried. Used jigs, raps, plain hooks, rattle, etc. Vexlar didnt mark anything. Fished noon to 515. No fish. No bites. Going to try again with some pressure change. Might try early morning. One other fisherman had one small walleye in shallower water. Good luck.

Wentz Lake

We fished Wentz Lake, East of Napolean, this weekend. The ice was decent, about 6 inches or so. Fishing was slow, ended the day with five healthy eyes. All were caught in the afternoon though, later in the evening it was super dead and we didnt even mark a fish. Not worth the trip from Bismarck, but it was still fun to get out.


went out as a group of 5, using fatheads and spinners we got skunked. tried the area sw of the crossing, baldhill creek, and the channel on the other side of the lake, no depth seemed to work.

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