Channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus, are North America's most numerous catfish species. They are also the most fished types of catfish, with approximately 8 million anglers in the USA targeting them per year. A member of the Ictalurus genus of American catfishes, channel catfish have a top-end size of approximately 40-50 pounds (18-23 kg). The world record channel catfish weighed 58 pounds and was caught in 1964 in the Lake Marion, South Carolina


Red River (North) | 5/13/16

Went out at 6pm. Got back at 11:30. No bites until 10 o'clock. Then the catfishing was fast and furious. 1 15 incher, 3lber, 5lber, and an 8lber. Cut goldeye seemed to work pretty good. All in all fun night. Fish fry tomorrow!! Oh, goldeye are biting like crazy on a bobber and nightcrawlers.

Red River (North) | 5/8/16

Fished the Red River on 5 May, Used cut Sukers for bait, fished a lot of differnt structure and water. Cats were beign very picky, not hammering the baits.  Finnaly found then on the edge of the current, got a few kitties, with a 19lb and 17lb as the tops for the day.  Also got one sheepshead...



Red River (North) | 4/3/16

lemme try and resurect this forum. ive been out twice so far this year. didnt get skunked either time. nothing huge. between the two trips (last sunday and tuesday) we caught sheephead, carp, one 2lb cat(delicious), and abunch of 8-10 inch kittens. waters pretty low  slow and cold. hopefully in the next couple weeks thing will improve. We used crawlers. The second trip out i used the last of my crawlers. once they were gone i switched to cutbait and didnt get a bite. dont let that discourage you. A friend of mine caught a nice cat on cut goldeye so maybe there's hope. good luck all!

Red River Labor Day Weekend Catfishing

Took my son out over the Labor Day weekend and we hauled in 3 nice cats. They were somewhere between 25 and 30 inchies. If I had to guess the largest of the fish was about 10 Lbs. Also caught half a dozen smaller cats. Caught all of them on chicken liver sprinkled with garlic to add a little more stink. We release the three bigger cats, so hopefully someone else can enjoy caughting them as well.


Spent a few hours on the Red with *some* luck.  We were 'bout 3 miles below Lincoln Park ramp in Grand Forks.  Had hits all day, caught 4 kitties from 10 to 25 pounds.  Pulled in a couple goldeye and used them and suckers for bait but had as many hits or more on the suckers cut in half.  Pulled in 3 walleyes from the suckers but they ran maybe 10 inches at the most.  Nicest part of the day was watching the eagles flying around.  Had some land on a tree across from us.  All in all it was a slow but productive day.


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