Shotgun Help? Rem 870 or Win 1300

I am in the market for a new shotgun and I don't want to sound cheap but I am also on a very limited budget. What do you guys prefer? Winchester 1300 or Remington 870 both in 12 Gauge and basically used for any thing for pheasant to ducks to turkey. All comments, tips and advise very much appreciated.

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Little Elvis
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cant go wrong with an 870 took my old one out in the rain yesterday...14 years old and hasnt been cleaned in about 6 years...not a problem

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personaly i would go with the 870. I hunt with a guy that has had 2 shotguns in 35 years. He hunted all his deer, bear, and birds. it was a 870.

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While I have nothing really bad to say about the 870 other than it feels like swinging a 2x4 to me, it has a long term reputation for durability.

However, both I and my wife shoot the 1300 and love them.  Little better feel for me than the 870 and has an assisted pump feature which is strange at first and then becomes very natural.

Just in case you don't know what the assisted pump is, it uses the recoil of the round to start the slide moving back for you.  Very nice feature on the 1300.

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870 will never let you down. Mine has taken a beating and has never been babied and keeps on ticking. I shoot better with it than my Beretta and my Browning. Pick one up, if it fits then buy it and don't look back.


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i've got a 1300 and love it. its been extremely reliable in the rain and snow and has yet to let me down.

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Nothing wrong with either one, like "iluvswnd" said, " pick one up, if it fits then buy it and don't look back". I got a 1200 winchester for my 16th birthday, still have it and shoot it occationally. That gun has always functioned wonderfully over the last 35 years.

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Mossberg 500.  Had one forever.  Cheap and you can't break 'em.

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Have owned both! I am still shooting the 870 if that tells you anything! Both good guns but the 870 will be more reliable! Good luck!

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fish-head Said:  I got a 1200 winchester for my 16th birthday, still have it and shoot it occationally

Boy were you lucky, I got a used  Sears bolt action 2 3/4 ''   12 guage  for my 16th birthday .    Still have it and look at it occationally.     My vote would be the 870




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870 wingmaster. had mine for about 30 years and have shot 1000"s of rounds  maybe 10,000 never been cleaned ,looks like crap, functions as new. has never had a glitch to it. i( think) the express models are built a bit cheaper though

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My vote is for the 870 wingmaster. Don't buy an express, they're junk. Get a decent used wingmaster with rem chokes if you can, and enjoy your purchase for many years to come. My 870 is coming goose hunting with me tomorrow, and I don't have any doubts about the gun. i've dropped it in the mud before, cleared the barrel, and shot it the rest of the day full of mud. Can't ask for a better definition of reliable. IMO

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You may want to check into a Benelli Nova too.

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Pro V1
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They changed it to the benelli mule since they kick like one!


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I will never buy a 1300 again, I broke the pump off in less than a year.  Scheels did give me a new action to replace it, but traded it for the nova.  Nova is a good gun and goes to 3.5 inch, but as Pro v stated they do pack a punch with big loads. 

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REM 870 for sure.

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get a good used 870 wingmaster.  super reliable, great gun.  i have 4, bought ahead for the kids.  my dad and grandpa shot them for years, very few problems if any.  expresses are ok, but really, get a good used wingmaster.  there are a lot of them around, should be easy to find one.

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I have shot both, and own the Winchester.  That being said you can't go wrong with either.  Both will outlast you and your kids.  I would go with what fist you better, and forget about everything else.

On a side not my buddy uses an 870 yet, and both the 1300 and 870 have been drug through the mud, and been so dirty you could hardly move the slide.  Our cleaning solution was a pressure washer, and a can of Rem Oil.  Man the things you did when you were younger.

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 had my 1300 for about 17 years or so i think.  other than having to replace the pump slide thingamagijjer about 8 years ago as someone  mentioned above, it has been as reliable as i could have asked for.  dirty.  almost never cleaned and functions perfectly every time.

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 **Not to be a thread hi-jacker here but--- what is with some of you folks and the crappy cleaning habits you have with weaponry?
 Dirty weapons wear faster than cleaned and lubed weapons, not to mention with a unchecked barrel--- pressure spikes, patterns getting (*^ up... heck you name it.
 Take 45 mins and clean your damn weapon.... have some pride in what you own.... jeebus.

** On the thread-- I owned a 870 express at one time... the synthetic 3 in flavor.
kicked like a mule, but it patterend ok with most of my handloads with a standard mod choke... come late season, full choke and buffered loads did the number.
I sold mine off when I noticed a hairline crack in the ejector starting.... that and the action was pretty slopped out.... I had that weapon about 10 years before the action went south.. even with proper cleaning.

I would simply get the 870.. they are cheap... reliable, and easy to clean.
I will probably pickup a wingmaster for next years upland season, but I have 2 shotguns as it is right now.
A CZ Bobwhite in 20 Ga, and a SX3  Field in 12ga,3 In.

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The 870 is a time tested work horse.

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Here is a good way to chose, should both, swing them, put on a heavy coat, should them again!!!! Then pick the one that fits the best and feels the best..

In regards to which is the better built or most durable!

870 Rem Express( different than a WM)  is not a bad gun, but to get them to be smooth will need a bit of valve compound to be used to smooth out the action, remove the burring. These guns from the factory have had a lot of issues as well with rough chambers which can cause hangups with some brands of shells. Also the rough chamber causes increased buildup of plastic in the chamber as shells are fired. But they are easy to break down, clean etc... Own a couple and have good luck with them after they have had some TLC!

1300 Win is going to be a bit heavier, but is a much better manufactured gun in regards to fit to finish. The assist pump action as stated is different, but is a breeze to adjust to. Chamber, and action both from the factory going to be smoother and need less work if any. Also the rotating locking bolt is a plus as well!

Both will come with screw in chokes. I suggest on either gun you look down the bore with the chamber open and if possible a light shined in. Both guns have had some issues with off center chokes which really can frustrate someone as they can cause the guns to shoot off target at 25 yards and farther! This applies to Mossberg,Nova, and many other gun makers who are running cheap manufactured guns.

If you like the fit and feel of the 870, take a look at the Parnder shotguns as they are built on the same action system and specs as the 870 for about $80.00 less. Not sure what choke thread is in these guns though.Couple of farmer friends have bought them for use in chasing black birds. Guns are in the truck or pickup year around and very seldom ever!

But all that aside again, buy the gun that fits you the best!!!!!!!!! You will shoot better, feel better and enjoy it much more!!!!!!

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870 Wingmaster ,hands down best gun....nothing more to be said..

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I will put my vote in for the 1300.

I have had mine for 18 years now and I have beat the heck out of that thing sneaking on geese and bouncing around in my truck.

I has never let me down and always operates great!!

It is a very tough shotgun and the action is silky smooth.

I have shot friends 870s before and I think the 1300 is a better shotgun.