Seasonal site on Ashtabula

 So Bayshore resort is still full for this coming year and I don't think they are making any expansion spots. Does anyone know of any other spots or anyone that has openings on Ashtabula for a seasonal site? Sibley is always full to, so that's out. If you do know of anything I would appreciate any info. Thanks

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 I think spiritwood lake might have some. 

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 I know there's new ownership, but is that just a campground? Or do they actually have seasonal camper sites? Thanks         Waters Edge Distributors

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They have seasonal and temporary camp sites. I don't know if they are full or not, but a nice area nontheless.

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 Spirit wood is very nice... They just remodeled the resort and the food is great! I don't know much about the campsites though... 

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 bayshore has no more room for any sites. The last three were definitely pushing it.