SB 2351 - Relating hunting over bait (2009)


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Hey Solocam,

Very well put, yeah, who is going to help pay for it!! Here is another thing no one has said or mentioned. Lets say there is an outbreak of bovine TB in cattle someplace in the state. One, the cattle herd will have to be destroyed, but will the state reimburse the farmer/rancher for their loss at market price? Two, is the Game and Fish willing to have a special deer season to help alleviate the spread of the disease? Thirdly, are state leaders willing to spend millions of taxpayer money to bring in "Experts Sharpshooters"? Now, what happens to the deer that have been shot? Remember that big stink about lead fragments being in venison awhile back? How all the food pantries in the state had to get rid the the meat, because in "might" contain lead fragments? Don't "Expert Sharpshooters" use lead ammunition? Now, most food pantries only accept deer that have been taken with a bow!! So, what are officials going to do with the deer, bury them a in pit? Another thing, why are the sponsors so concerned about our proximity to Minnesota, when we have Canada to the north, Montana to the west, and South Dakota on our southern border? Deer don't recognize state or international borders!!

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No pun intended but do you have hard evidence that the ND Bow Hunter's Association has changed their stance on the bait ban?  I just read this PDF from their website:

In case folks won't click and read the PDF here's an exurb:

The legislature held its pre-legislative meetings in November and December and is in session beginning January, 2009, so we will need input and strength through numbers to have the necessary impact to continue to promote and expand our hunting opportunities. One of the known issues will be baiting for deer. Based upon the past division of the membership, I expect the NDBA will take no official position on the issue. Hence it will be up to all of you to express your thoughts on the baiting issue to the legislature. I know there will be members who will want NDBA to support baiting and those strongly against. 

With such a division, I hope the membership understands the impact taking a position may have upon our overall membership on such a single emotional issue. That would be a detriment to NDBA’s overall ability to have a positive impact upon other issues affecting bow hunting opportunities. 

There will be challenges so we all need to join together in order to come up with creative solutions. That is the purpose of NDBA and your board is committed to protect and promote bow hunting opportunities. But we need your help. That help can be as simple as printing off a membership application from the website and having one of your hunting buddies join to simply giving a board member your input on the issues we will be facing and how we can make NDBA a more vibrant organization. 

If you know your legislators and would be able to have one on one conversations with them, please let your area rep know or shoot an e-mail to NDBA. We are also going to try and organize an e-mail tree to get information out and get help when it is needed. We need to stay very proactive.

I see the opposite of what you said above.  Please enlighten me.

Tim Sandstrom



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Quote from HW
"I had not planned on adding anything else to this, but heard on the radio today that the Bow Hunters of ND Assn are now supporting this as well."

I wouldn't doubt that one bit, coming from a group that had a one page article in thier news letter a while back on why trail cameras should be banned also!
Thats when I quit that club, bunch of traditional shooting leaders in it that I didn't share many things in common with.

Keep up the good fight Tim!

Oh and by the way, remember my post up above with the broadcast seeding photo? That was no joke, how are they going to stop me from planting my corn/sunflower bait plot like that? ...Seriously


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