For Sale - Pedersoli .36 cal Frontier Black Powder Rifle

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For Sale - Pedersoli .36 cal Frontier Black Powder Rifle

 For sale is my Pedersoli .36 cal. Frontier model - Black Powder, Percussion Cap - Rifle.

Only been shot a handful of times!!! 

I have never shot it but my father has a couple of times and so has my grandfather. 

It was given to my by my grandfather and I've hung on to it intending to shoot it but just don't have the interested in black powder rifles. It's a great looking gun and I'd rather see it go to someone who will shoot and appreciate it. And I'd rather use the $$ to purchase something that I will shoot. 

I have about 125 lead round balls for it. 

A small box of round nose bullets. 

A case of percussion caps. 

and some wadding. 

All of it goes with. 

Any marking I could find on the barrel:

66842 (I believe this could be the serial number)

Pedersoli - Italy .36caliber 

There's a "PN" with a star over the top of it,

A "BC" beside that with a box around it,

and a "dp" with a circle around it. 

The gun and mechanics are in great shape. There are some nicks and scratches on the stock and a few small marks on the metal but overall it's in great shape. 

Here's a link to Pedersoli's website with more information about the rifle: ... model.html


I'm having a hard time pricing the gun. Any information I can find puts the gun around $750 new. So I'm asking $540 OR BEST OFFER!!! for the rifle. 

I'm not too easily offended, so if you have a price in mind that you think is fair, FEEL FREE TO MAKE AN OFFER. Maybe we can make a deal.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. 

Thanks for looking!


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