Resharpening strikemaster auger blades?

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Resharpening strikemaster auger blades?

I just bought a new set of blades for my 3 blade 9" strikemaster auger. I tried to resharpen the old ones out on the ice last year with no luck. Is there a place anyone has had good luck with resharpening these things? At 80 bucks a set I'd like to get these repaired.

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Strikemaster used to have you send them in and they would send you a sharpened set for the cost of shipping. Of course the blades had to be in resharpenable condition. Don't know if that is the case or not.

I have had good luck with for my Eskimo blades. They are in NY so the turn around takes a week or so but the blades I have gotten back are sharp, even better than when they were new.

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I just have the old two blade and use a Lansky seems to work fairly well!

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Val's Cycle in Minot does a good job.

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Val's Cycle in Minot does a good job.

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Use a polisher to sharpen your blades. You need a flannel polishing disk and rouge cutting grit to use with a bench top or hand held polisher. These can be purchased at a local automotive supply retailer.
Use a felt tip marker to mark the area of the blade that needs sharpening. Polish an area only long enough to remove the marker ink from the blade. This helps prevent you from cutting too much from the blade and changing it's cutting angle.
Apply a liberal amount of the rouge cutting grit to the flannel.
Lightly polish the beveled side of the auger blade, concentrating on the leading edge of the blade. Don't spend too much time on one area, or you could cut too much material from the blade and change it's shape.

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Val's cycloe shop, Minot, Does Mine and have been good.

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Get a chipper blade and be done with it.

That strikemaster blade design is the stupidest thing ever. But I am sure they have made a killing on all of the blades sold. They should have had a clause to never sell that design west of the Mississippi. LOL!

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Twin City Sharpening in Fargo will sharpen them! They did mine last year! What ever you do don't let your strikemaster blades bump the bottom, they'll dull in a flash!! I am a slow learner!!!!!!

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Val's Cyclery in Minot. Had my Jiffy auger with chipper blade for 6 years, and still on the orginal blade set. Take the auger in probably 2-3 times a year for sharpening and still cuts great. But it is probably getting time to purchase a new blade set.

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Vals Cyclery
222 Central Ave E
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I need mine sharpened about once every couple years. I like the Strikemaster blades because they cut real fast and you don't need to put any pressure on the auger.