Remodeling old boat question

Hey guys would like some advice on remodeling an older Lund Rebel boat. I am in the process of replacing the floor and ran into a snag taking out the old livewell and the compartments in the back of the boat. I drilled out the pop rivets in the floor and took out LOTS of screws and now I find that the livewell and the compartments are also attached to side by solid rivets and not only screwed to the floor. Ouch! Whats the best way to Remove these solid rivets and how does a guy replace them?? Tools? I didn't know if they can be drilled out or chiseled off but thought maybe somebody has been thru this before. Any help? Thanks in advance....

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If you decide to take out the solid rivets a small grinder might work. Wear earplugs, in that aluminum boat with no floor or carpet the noise will be deafining. While you have the floor out here are a few things you might think about. Add one or two cigarette lighters to use as power ports for GPS, cell phone, etc. One central fuel tank under the floor in the middle of the boat, that weight low and in the center helps planing and rides better in big waves. When you place the fuel filler for the in-floor tank, place it where you can fill your tow vahicle and boat at the same time without having to pull ahead. If you have room a larger livewell, add an aireator (spelling?) pump with an automatic timer to it as well, your fish will stay alive longer, won't have to clean a mushy color drained walleye. Again if you have room add an in-floor cooler, this is so convenient, no more lifting it in and out of the boat, forgetting it in the truck, having it blow out of the boat while running or towing, more room on the floor for tackle boxes etc. Run good heavy wire to your trolling motor, 6ga. Run heavy wire to your fuse box (if you're adding/have one). Map out your wiring before you start to put the floor back, hide as much as you cas, less to snag rod tips, long spinner snells, etc. Power necessities directly to the battery like your bilge pump, fish finders, gps, marine band, livewell pumps, running lights, and radio. Standardize your pumps to all the same cassette pumps, if your bilge pump quits, you turn out your livewell pump and you're back in business, or just carry an extra pump, they are very small and easily changed out with a multi-plier. Solder and heat shrink all connections. I have been involved with two boat re-floorings and have rigged a few deapth finders, radios, marine-bands, trolling motors, gps's, etc, most of this is stuff we learned along the way, some of it I wish we'd known before we started. Good Luck

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