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Reloading question

I'm somewhat new to reloading rifle shells, having done it for a couple of years now.  I don't reload a lot, just enough to get an accurate load for hunting and some target shooting.  I would like to start reloading 30-06 in a reduced recoil load so that I can shoot a lot this summer to get use to my gun and have some fun without busting my shoulder.  I'll save the heavier loads for hunting.

Where can I find reduced recoil data for the 30-06?  The books that I have been using are older and don't have data for reduced recoil loads.  I've found some info on the internet but would like to cross check with other sources such as the reloading books.

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Do yourself a favor and call one of the techs at Hodgdon powder and get it from the horses mouth. Do not take advice from anyone other than the experts. Reduced recoil loads are fun to shoot and are a great primer for summer shooting getting ready for fall. Hodgdon people will answer any questions you will have.


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Lyman makes a "Cast Bullet Handbook." Included in it are loads for 30-06 using cast bullets. These are reduced loads because you can't push most cast bullets like you can jacketed bullets. See if you can find a copy, or just google cast bullets in a 30-06.

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I load cast, electroplated, and jackets bullets in a 308 Win. Cast bullets require less powder than jackets to achieve the same velocity. I load subsonic (under 1116 fps at sea level) for use with a suppressor.

Try this site:
Standard powders will get you into the low 2600+ fps. That's as low as the commercial reduced loads and Hodgdons Trail Boss will go from subsonic to nearly 1500 fps.
My old 1957 Speer manual lists SR4759 for a 150gr reduced load. They recommend a common powder (IMR4198) with a 180 gr reduced load. You can get 180 gr Raineir bullets from Midway USA for about 1/3 The price of jacketed. I bought 1000 for $109.