Pipestem Lake


Pipestem Reservoir - 5 miles north - northwest, .8 miles west, 1 mile south of Jamestown (pike, walleye, crappie).

Pipestem Lake - Sunday, December 15, 2013

 10" of clear ice at shore, one full size pickup on, 2 permanents. Almost no large drifts even though its not plowed, any 4x4 will make it anywhere on the lake. Small pickups should be fine anywhere I drove, ballsy for a full soze with ice castle. 

You'll mark fish in typical locations, just not the last 3 years of screen filling schools. Enticing them to bite is another story.

Pipestem Lake - Monday, May 6, 2013

 Pipestem is 100% open and roughly 5 feet higher than the ice was. No dock in yet, and no signs of winterkill on the east end of the lake. Much higher flows at the spillway should make the fishing pickup. 

Jamestown Res has the eastern, sunny side of the lake mostly open with the western shoreline still iced up. No docks in that I'm aware of.

Pipestem Lake - Sunday, March 11, 2012

 Today was the last weekend of driving on for the year, ice was 20 inches in places and open in small patches. About 2 foot thick mud to drive onto the lake. Shanty town is gone but around 4 (used to be 3) the crappie came in like clockwork suspended 3-5 feet off the bottom. Light color glow spoons + waxies 


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