Missouri River (ND Lower Portion)


Missouri River - Missouri River from near Riverdale to south of Bismarck (walleye, catfish, trout - fishing pier).

Missouri River (ND Lower Portion) - Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Put in at Hazelton this morning about 9:30 and fished until noon.  Not a single bite, water was so murky I could only see a bright white jig about 5-6 inches under the surface.  Tons and tons of debris in the river as well, and many neutrally buoyant large trees to scare you away from being on plane too long.  Also a heck of a lot of garbage, I must have collected nearly a dozen bottles and cans floating down the river.  Talked to several other boats, none of them claimed to have a bite either.

Missouri River (ND Lower Portion) - Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Launched at Fox Island and headed out for the first time of the spring.  Mainly to check out the river and look for some holes.  The river is super muddy now and it will be challenging until it clears up.  Lots of debris in the water to include some very large logs.  Be mindful out there.  Through a line in the water, but didn't have any expectations and didn't have any luck.  Anyone know how long the river stays muddy like this?  On a side note it was a beautiful night and the kids had a blast just casting and riding in the boat!

Missouri River (ND Lower Portion) - Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Made it out this afternoon, launched out of town and went south. Water was 33.8 - 34.1 fished jigs with gulp in 15-25 ft water and ended up getting my 5 in little over an hour. Walleyes looked good and were full of fat and 3 had food in there bellies. All males and 3 were 15" the other two 16". I think the system will be full of these fish and they are great to eat.... Water clarity was 1.5-2.0 ft down but didn't seem to hold the bite up, they hit good..

Missouri River (ND Lower Portion) - Monday, March 24, 2014

me and my cuzins went out on bismarck and slammed them walleye not well like the nest of a eagle hawk fish wer biteing all over da place and i say to my cuzin hey buddy reach ova there and grab my hurricane and i said hey buddy give me a cigaret and ill not push ya off this dingy then hey said hey buddy i got one, and it was a carp but we ate it up any way cauz we r warrior tribe


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