Missouri River (ND Lower Portion)


Missouri River - Missouri River from near Riverdale to south of Bismarck (walleye, catfish, trout - fishing pier).

Missouri River (ND Lower Portion) - Thursday, May 8, 2014

I am new to trolling cranks. How deep are people normally trolling their cranks and what size and color crainkbaits are people doing well on. Also, how much line are you suposed to put out and how fast do you troll them. Not looking for any spots inperticular, just trying to learn this new syle of fishing, Thanks for any help I can get.

Missouri River (ND Lower Portion) - Monday, April 28, 2014

Managed to get out on the river Thursday Friday and Saturday. I thought things would be a little hotter than they were. Started out thursday morning south of Graner and managed to find some fish there. Nothing real great in size. Then Friday morning we were second boat in at hazelton around 6:45am and fished Eckroth and down south of ft. rice and only managed 1 fish in 5 hours there, when we pulled the boat out at hazelton we got checked by game warden and i had asked him how some of the other boats were doing and he said the 4 boats before us had zero fish.

Missouri River (ND Lower Portion) - Monday, April 21, 2014

 Fished out of the Rifle Range on Saturday.  Water clarity had improved a bit as you could see your jig down about 6 inches.  Didn't have a bite in about 3 hours of fishing.  Did not see a net go out in any other boats.  Water temp was about 39 on average so as that goes up this week and clarity improves I think we'll see an improvement.  


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