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Lake Sakakawea is a reservoir in the Missouri River basin in central North Dakota. Named for the Shoshone-Hidatsa woman Sakakawea

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Lake Sakakawea - Saturday, March 7, 2015

 Went out on a sunken island on the east end. Got lots of opertunities but for some reason my hook set is way out of whack missed seven yes seven fish managed two to stay on all the way up to the hole. 1 18" 1 20" 
red jigging rapala with minnow head, whole minnow did seam to matter. The rest of my rods sat without a bite.

Lake Sakakawea - Friday, February 20, 2015

 Fished the east end of sakakawea. Saw a handful of really nice perch on the camera but was using bigger baits trying to target walleye. In hindsight it would have been smarter to go after the perch. Fished 32' of water and ended up catching a couple and missing a couple. The bites we did have were within 20 minutes of each other right before dark. The ones we caught were around 15-16 inches. Just glad to finally be able to get out.

Lake Sakakawea - Thursday, February 5, 2015

I was going to go up to Charging Eagle Bay for the first time this year. Can anybody help me out with some ice and fishing reports.  You can PM me with any info if you would like, I just moved to the Dickinson area from Bismarck and never fished that part of Sakakawea. It would be much appreciated.

Lake Sakakawea - Sunday, January 25, 2015

 Went out to Douglas Bay last Sunday.  Fished the northern back bays.  Ice was 18+ inches thick.  Punched a lot of holes looking for eyes.  Fish depths from 8ft to 36ft with minimal success.  We managed 1 18" eye, a 12lb northern, and a Cisco.  Threw the whole tackle box at them with no colors or lures being favored.  There was 1-2" of water on the ice, so if you're out plan on getting some good boots.  Looking to try a little closer to the fat of the lake on the east end this weekend.  A little concerned with the warm temps and water on the ice.


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