Lake Sakakawea


Lake Sakakawea is a reservoir in the Missouri River basin in central North Dakota. Named for the Shoshone-Hidatsa woman Sakakawea

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Lake Sakakawea - Friday, April 22, 2005


Over on the river you basically go along the shore and hit any spot you feel or have a feeling is worthy. Het the edges and points but remember to start checking into the mouth of bays and even further up in them. Soon, they'll be moving into warmer water.

As for the Arm, the boat ramp will be useable (if it isn't already). Also, check into seeing if Pouch Point is useable. I doubt it, but if so, it's by far the best location on the lake to put a boat out of.

Um, what else. That's about it. I'm sure Stizo will help you out!

Lake Sakakawea - Friday, April 22, 2005

We will be in the Four Bears area on May 7th to fish with a boat but have never fished the area...any tips? Flew over the area yesterday and thought of hitting the little bays/points south of the bridge on the west side of the lake. The Arm looked interesting with all the sunken (and now visible!) islands, but looked like way too far to go from the Four Bears boat ramp.


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