Lake Audubon (Overview)


Lake Audubon - North of Coleharbor (walleye, perch, smallmouth bass - fishing pier).

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Lake Audubon (Overview) | 1/22/18

went on at Audubon's north shore, pulled portable with snowmobile in case drifts might hamper vehicle, turned out it would've been ok for the truck most places. ice was about 20" solid. set up in about 12' with hut, tipups out to about 18' on slope. caught a couple of pike in the hut, but last tipup, a small jig tipped with minnow, was the only one to produce keeper walleye. took home five 16-17+".  lots of people around T.Trail and CarBody, i stayed away.

Audubon - South End

A friend and I went fishing on Audubon Sunday morning. Fished from 8:00-3:30pm, pretty slow.  Caught one small walleye in 20 FOW and I hooked up with a fish in the icehouse but it got off.  Felt like a decent pike.  The icehouse was on 10 FOW. Not real sure where I should have been fishing to target walleye, still learning all this stuff by trial and errorfrown


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