Helen Lake


Helen Lake - 2.5 miles west, 6 miles north of Tuttle (pike, perch - no ramp).

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Helen Lake | 1/5/18

My wife and I went to Helen Lake to spear today. Ice was about 24 inches thick, but water was very murky. We fished for 2 1/5 hours and never had a fish come in. We could see our decoys down to about 4 feet and then got pretty cloudy after that. We fished on the south west corner of the lake in about 8 feet of water. Wondering if it would be clearer in other parts of the lake? Any thoughts?


Nice sized Northerns

We have fished Helen 6 times in the past two weeks, We have speared 9 very nice fish, usually in the 28" to 32" size. The water is absolutely crystal clear but the action has been very slow. We saw two yesterday and got those two. We have been fishing in the afternoons and are beginning to think we need to fish in the early morning in hopes of seeing better action.

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