Flood Lake


Flood Lake - 3.5 miles north of Kulm (pike, perch).

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Flood Lake - Sunday, July 10, 2011

Have been to the lake many times since last report about 3 1/2 weeks ago.  Have always had good luck with many fish caught and most released.  Have been in boat and from shore.  More numbers from the boat due to mobility, but persistence from shore pays off as well.  Rarely use smelt;  find it too time consuming.  Casting with 'Daredevil' type spoons works best (for me).  Cast out and let sink to bottom and then retrieve at moderate speed.  Be ready for hits as the spoon flutters to the bottom.

Flood Lake - Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Windy today but gave it a shot anyway.  Caught several fish but wind was a problem.  Did casting only from shore and kept only 3 fish from 3.2LBS to 7.6 Lbs.  Wind hit 30-35 and went home.  Nobody else fishing (those with good sense stayed home).     Still an excellent lake and would be great for younger kids.

Flood Lake - Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fished  South Flood Monday (13th) from shore near NE shore along highway.  Actually fished for about 1/2 hour and had  several follows and hooked and landed 3 fish totaling 20 lbs,... packed up and left shortly thereafter. 

Helped a guy whose boat trailer slipped off ramp and hung up on the grating.  Got boat off the trailer and  all ended well.  The ramp could use some work but is functional with caution.  Just need to be careful and be sure you are centered when backing in or exiting.

Flood Lake - Sunday, June 12, 2011

Went to Flood Lake last Thursday and fished from the dock.  The boat ramp looks pretty poor and one would have to be careful backing their boat in because the one side has a piece of re-bar sticking up that could be a tire hazard.  I casted and used smelt.  Only got 1 hit on the smelt and caught quite a few pike casting.  Didn't get any 6-9 lbers.  All the pike I caught were 18 inches long.

Flood Lake - Sunday, June 12, 2011

Have been at Flood several times in the past week (June 5-June 11) and outstanding northern fishing with fish of all sizes from hammer-handles to better than 7 lbs.  Saw one 10lb taken and in the past week have personally landed a half dozen 7 lb fish and numerous in 3-6 lb range.  Fished North Flood (once we wormed our way into there from South Flood) .  Acccessing North Flood by boat from South Flood was tricky on calm water and if it gets windy, I could imagine people having a horrible time getting out of there.  Trim up motor for certain, and a pole to push yourself through from South F

Flood Lake - Saturday, June 4, 2011

Will try again..first report for June 4 disappeared.  had fished here on the 2nd and had good luck so returned on the 4th.  Fished from the dorck at the ramp (poor conditions-ramp).  Casting orange and silver spoons and tried the largerst crankbait i had in the box.  Also tried smelt.  Caught fish on all of them.  Got a nice 33.5" 7-lb fish on an 8" Bomber stick bait w/lip designed to dive to 6'.  Fish followed it to the dock and just laid on top of the water then swam away..I dropped the lure back and it hit but I missed the set and then I flipped it out again and it took it.  Almost ident

Flood Lake - Saturday, June 4, 2011

Decided to try again following good success two days earlier.  Went by myself this time and fished from shore using  the little dock by the landing ramp 3.5 miles north of Kulm.  Wind was strong from the west but I was able to cast with wind at my side.  Again, used orange and silver spoons.  Just to see how it would work, I  broke out a black and brown 8" Bomber stick bait w/lip designed to dive to depth of 6 feet.  Had several hits and then a nice one followed to the dock and just laid there and slowly swam away..I dropped the bait back into the area and it hit again and I missed the hook


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