East End


East End covers the region from the east mouth of Garrison Bay to the Highway 83 embankment. This area includes Wolf Creek and Mallard Island.

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Fished east end of the lake fishing was slow but steady.  Got our 3 man limit in about 4 hrs ranging fro 14" to 23".  Most fish 15 ft, bottombouncers and not particular color for craler harness.

East End - Thursday, January 22, 2015

 Fished the east end last Friday for first time this year.  Fished from 20-32 FOW with the house in 24 feet.  Slow until 5:00 then caught 6.   5 of the 6 were caught on jigging spoon.   14-16" fish.  Went back on Sunday with some friends and bite was slower.  Only got 5 total for all of us.   Ice was 22" thick where I was at.    Good luck out there and post some reports.   

East End - Monday, July 7, 2014

Well I decided to dedicate the weekend to cranking and more specifically to getting comfortable with leadcoring.  Started out thursday morning working 7-10ft with no luck.  Moved to 10-15ft with no luck.  Finally in 20-25ft I started to get into them.  Found them all the way out to 40ft.  Ended up with 16, but not a lot of size.  Biggest was 17" and I kept 2 17s 2 16s and a 14' for my day.  Friday and Saturday proved to be a little more tricky.  I managed only 3 12" fish in 2 days working 18-40ft.  I believe the fish may have moved up shallow with the stable weather for those 3-4 days.  #4

East End - Monday, July 7, 2014

Fishing = less than to be desired.

Always someone catching fish but if I may interject my 2 hours of fishing on the 4th, 4 hours fishing on the 5th and a near full day on the 6th it seems very tough on the East End.

People are brinding in mostly 13 to 14 inch fish with some mixed in bigger fish.  Douglas Bay (mini Van Hook) had 4 boats (including me) in it on Sunday.  Main lake was lonely (the way I like it) but after spending a lot of drive time checking graph, fishing and observing I see why people said to the heck with it and went home early Sunday.

East End - Friday, July 4, 2014

We fished on the 4th of July back in the bays on the East End pitching swimbaits in shallow water.  There are some nice to fish to be caught if you dedicate yourself to this technique and I expect fishing will improve as the weather warms up this week.  With the weather we've had and all the water running through the system right now, water temps in the main lake and the bays are more even than they would normally be and the fish are pretty scattered right now.   


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