Devils Lake (Overview)


Devils Lake - Located just minutes from the city of Devils Lake, ND.

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Devils lake fishing report.

Fishing has been slow for me by the casino, never got skunked but nothing but small walleyes and a few pike here and there. Had good luck a few nights ago in creel bay in 25-30 ft. But went the next 2 nights with little to no luck..bites have been light. All fishing I did was between 3pm to 630 pm...

Devils Lake Perch Patrol

Quick question for all who fish devils lake on a regular basis.  If I were to hire a guided trip through perch patrol for the simple reason I'd like to get my father and grandfather on some fish since my grandfather is getting old and might be his last time ice fishing with me... is it better to fish with them early ice, mid winter or late ice.  Keep in mind that my grandfather will not walk out on anything under a foot so i can't do like first ice.  Not looking for a spot, just looking for advice as a whole.  Thanks

Fishing continues

Even though there have been very few reports posted to this page in quite some time, there are still some folks fishing Devils Lake.  I was out Sunday 10-11-15 in the morning for a few hours and got my limit of eyes.  I was well off the lake before the wind picked up.  I was fishing in about 16-18 pulling crawlers on one rig and gulp minnow on another.  Got my five in a little over 3 hours.  The last two were a double which is fun and frustrating when you are out alone.  Still using hammered gold.

Happy fishing!

7-3 to 7-4 2015

On Friday the 3rd we started up in the New Mil area with slip bobbers and leeches, in water ranging from 9-14 feet.  We ended up with a limit of fish in the 15-17" range with 1 C&R 25" Walleye.

On Saturday the 4th of July we changed it up and went into Pelican where we pulled spinners along a road at roughly 10 feet of water.  We fished for 2 hours and had our 3 man limit of 18-22" fish.

We attempted to troll and pitch cranks but that yielded northern after northern, once we slowed the presentation down and switched to live bait the Walleyes bit fast.

Devils Lake (Overview) - Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My son & I fished 6/19 thru 6/21. The fishing was great, nothing big but lots of action. We fished out of Grahams Island and went west from there. We spent 5 to 6 hrs a day fishing and averaged 80 to 100 walleyes a day. Most fish were 13 to 15" with a few 17" mixed in. Had to sort thru a lot of fish to keep decent eaters. The first day we used slip bobbers on the humps in 14' to 21' of water using leeches. The second and third day we mostly pulled spinners with leeches and crawlers in 14' to 18' of water and caught a little larger average size.


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