Devils Lake (Overview)


Devils Lake - Located just minutes from the city of Devils Lake, ND.

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Devils Lake (Overview) | 7/20/17

Well I've been to Devils Lake twice this year and spent six days on the water and change.  I've watched about 150 boats at the cleaning stations and have decided that the great fishing they promote and what occurs are not the same.  Nearly all boats are catching small fish and keeping 12 - 16 inchers -calling that a limit of good fish. This is the third year I've observed this.

Devils Lake (Overview) | 10/7/16

Hit Devils lake the other day, had a south, south east wind.  Went out of 6 mile and ran down to the Grahms Island road.  Drifted spinners, jigs, and puppet minnow.  Caught 1 walleyes and a hadn full of small white bass.  Moved up the to Pillers, same presentations, got a hand full of eater walleyes and even more white bass.  Fish seemed to be in a negitive mood, puppet minnow was the most effective presentation for walleyes, white bass crushed the spinner and jig.



Devils Lake (Overview) | 8/15/16

Fished out of Grahams Island on Saturday with a few freinds.   We found fish in 15-31 FOW drifting/trolling sinners.  Caught a few ripping puppets as well.  Lots of undersize fish to pick through to get our limits.  Bonus for the day was a pair of dandy jumbo perch. 


Silver seemed to be the color, minnow and crawlers worked equaly as wel..




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