Devils Lake (Overview)


Devils Lake - Located just minutes from the city of Devils Lake, ND.

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Devils Lake (Overview) | 6/27/16

Went out to Devils Lake last Thursday. Deep blue skies and a bit on the windy side.

Rented a boat from Sprirt Lake Casino.

Fishing the shallow inlets yielded two pike. One 21" on a spoon and a 31" on a Rapala.

Then fished the bridge channels using bottom bouncers and leeches leading to 2 walleye and a sauger. 

Couldn't get anything going fishing a ton of submerged structures. It was crazy.

Overall a slow day but better than being in at the office!

Devils Lake (Overview) | 6/16/16

Fished Creel Bay last night with my neighbor and my 2 youngest, target shallows 5-8FOW, used a Lindy with a leach or crawlers...  Final count was 20 walleyes and 1 pike with 11 keepers for the table.  Not to shabby.  This was my kids first time fishing in a while and they had a blast.


Pics to Come this afternoon.





Devils Lake (Overview) | 6/3/16

Fished the west end of devils from shore last night, 3 guys managed 25 pike in 3 hours.  The Mepps in-line spinners out fished plastics 2-1, biggest fish of the night was just over 30 inches, a larger fish was lost. 

Kept 4 for the smoker, cant wait to fire it up next week. 




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