Brush Lake


Brush Lake - 3 miles north of Mercer (pike, perch, walleye).

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Brush Lake - Sunday, February 12, 2012

LOTS of tiny perch 4-6 inches. Caught a few of pretty good size so they are in there, if you are looking to keep some for eating you'll likely have to spend a bit of time there. Fish here hugging the bottom in about 10-12 FoW. Also managed to land a 5lb pike on a tip-up and hot dog right outside of the reeds, about 6 FoW.

Brush Lake - Monday, February 14, 2011

Went out today from 10-4, got lots of smaller perch, a few tiny walleyes and a few small northerns.  Was using varoius jigs and saw some others using tip ups and caught some ok northerns.  Perch ranged from 6-9 inches.  Access is still good, lots of snow melting on the ice.  As for where to go, go where the houses are.


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