Reconditioned Big Buddy Heaters

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Reconditioned Big Buddy Heaters

Scheel's has a ton of reconditioned Big Buddy heaters.  Anyone have any problems with the reconditioned units?

Also, do you like bringing 4 little tanks for the day or do most use a larger propane tank and a hose hookup?

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you only get about an hour out of a small tank so i use  a 20 lb tank 

once i thought i was wrong but i was mistaken

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 I bought a recon one a few years ago.  Works great.  I use a 20 pound tak.  Seems to me you need a filter when using a bigger tank.  If I remember correctly the filter just screws on the the hose on one end or the other.

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 One thing that I would like to mention on this.  If you run a big buddy (or little buddy) off of a bulk tank, I recommend using an inline propane filter.  They are about $10 at Cabelas and they keep your orfices clean.  Otherwise the big buddy has lots of trouble starting and running off the bulk propane tanks.

As for your question MM, I like to tote along a 20lb in a milk crate.  I ran out of gas with the 1 lbrs after about 3 - hours on high one time and had to go back early because I was cold.  Im sure you couldve stuck it out tho.  Being the overly manly man that you are.  


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I purchased one for last season and it worked fine. I use both the 16 ounce and 20 pound tanks depending on how light I want to travel. It's much easier to use the small tanks and the heater starts instantly with the electronic ignition. It takes me several minutes to get it going off the large tank.

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RNinND Said:
 It takes me several minutes to get it going off the large tank.

Pre -purge the line on the 20 pound tank to get the air out of it.  I use the quick connect hose for the big buddy heater and do not take it off the tank just disconnect from the heater when needed.  I turn the tank on and use my fishing pliers to push the ball in until I start to smell propane and it starts right up.