Purebred Brittany Pups for Sale (Ready to go in June)

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Purebred Brittany Pups for Sale (Ready to go in June)


I recently bred my 5 year old female brittany.  She will be due around April 23rd.  Assuming everything goes well I am trying to get a feeler if anyone is interested in purchasing my pups.  This will be my 3rd generation of this bloodline.  I own the grandpa, grandma and the mom of this litter.  The dad of this litter came from my brother in law.  All dogs have been exceptional hunters and surprisingly great retrievers.  My one issue with these pups is they will NOT registered.  Long story short I messed up about 9 years ago and didn't register the grandpa.  I'm asking $350 for males and $400 for females.   Pups will have all shots and dew claws will be removed at my cost.  As far as tail dockings go, I prefer not to dock them because that tail is very helpful during hunting.  I will be willing to doc tho if need be.  I have attached pics of the two generations I already own.  The first pic shows Simba (dad of this litter), Duke (grandpa of this litter), and Bella (mom of this litter).  The second pic shows Remi (the grandma of this litter).   

If anyone is interested in reserving a pup please call or text me at 701-680-1943.