Portable Ice House Plans

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Portable Ice House Plans

Took my little 4 year old out fishing saturday and the wind came up and ruined things for us.  I got to thinking and would rather build a sturdy portable ice house versus buying one with aluminum poles, etc.  Is there anyone out there that has plans for building a simple ice house?  Any info would be appreciated by me but probably more appreciated by my 4 year old.

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Something like this?


I'm sure vs. paying for the blueprints, somebody on here could give you a materials list.

Good luck!

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Who need to pay for them!
Here's some free ones.
Just do a Google search & you will see even more.




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If you don't want to build one yourself, talk to the shop teacher at your local high school. You can probably find a student that will build you one for cost of materials and he gets a grade out of the deal. Win-win.

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Speedmaker, Where are you located? I've got one similar to the one posted in the second post that I don't use anymore. I would sell it for a reasonable price. In good shape.