New Humminbird ICE 45--- Performance Review

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New Humminbird ICE 45--- Performance Review

Just following up to my post earlier in the week...

I had a chance to go out and use my New Humminbird ICE 45. I was very impressed. The LCD screen is great. No more guesstimating how deep you are, the screen tells you exactly where you are at. I fished side by side with a friend who was using a Vex FL-18, we did not get any interference between the two machines. The humminbird performed as well as the Vex in marking fish. We also were able to clearly see a bare tear-drop jig from 38 feet on the humminbird. Overall, the Humminbird performed just as well as the new FL-18 but my friend did say that if he could "go back in time" he would have chosen the humminbird based on the extra feature of having an LCD screen. I would not be afraid to buy the new Humminbird for all of you that are contemplating it.