MVFF fly tying class.

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MVFF fly tying class.

An announcement for a fund raiser for the Missouri River Flyfishers club. I'm not very computer literate and the pictures won't come through, but should be a good class for the novice and experienced tyer both. these 8 flies are good for just about everything.

?The Excellent Eight? Fly Tying Course and FLIPPR Fundraiser

This course costs ONLY $20.00 and materials will be provided! Bring your own vise, tools and array of streamer and wet fly hooks. If you don't have these, let us know... contact us via the email link at left. You will learn to tie these essential flies:

? P-Quad
? Beaver Leech
? Tokaruk Special
? Beaver Black and Tan
? Backswimmer
? Mohair Leech
? Chironomid Pupa
? Olive Scud

This *class will be a 2 hour session held Saturday April 2, 3-5 p.m. at Prairie Family Church. Dr. Lee Brend (Prairie Hills Professionals) and Chuck Loftis (Dakota Country Magazine) will be teaching these eight great patterns that catch trout, panfish and bass in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Manitoba and stillwaters (and streams) throughout the west.

100% of the proceeds go to support FLIPPR?s aeration projects in Manitoba?s Parkland Region trout lakes. Aeration is vital to the summer and winter carry-over of the trophy rainbow, brown and tiger trout there. This is our chance to help sustain this excellent fishery!

SIGN UP as soon as possible? class size is limited to the first dozen! You can do so by emailing Chuck Loftis at or by calling him at 701-250-9463. If the class exceeds a dozen, we'll schedule a second session, so don't be shy? SIGN UP TODAY!

A typical Manitoba brown trout resulting from
aeration projects. Do the math: Rainbow + Aeration = BIG, FUN FISH!