MN Fisherman arrested for over fishing at Devils Lake

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MN Fisherman arrested for over fishing at Devils Lake

Story originally posted by ND Game Wardens Association on Facebook.

Benson County, ND - On 9/28/17 Devils Lake area Game Warden Johnson conducted an investigation into a gross over limit of white bass by a licensed MN fisherman on Devils Lake. It was discovered during this investigation that the sole angler was in possession of roughly 200 white bass. The daily limit for this species is 20 with a possession limit of 40. Warden Johnson observed this angler catch and keep approximately 127 white bass as well as litter the area with garbage during the several hour observation period. With the assistance of other Wardens, a traffic stop was made with this suspect upon his leaving the fishing location. During the investigation, the fish, fishing gear used and vehicle used in this incident were taken into evidence. The suspect was subsequently arrested and transported to the Law Enforcement Center in Devils Lake where he was booked for the gross over limit violation.

More information will be provided upon the closure of this case.

As always, be safe and enjoy. The NDGWA.

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Law should provide one accident fish over limit, $50 and "each" additional over daily/possession limit $1000. This crap will never end with a slap on the wrist.I'd bet anything they don't keep the vehicle or equipment.