Marcum LX-I handheld sonar??

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Marcum LX-I handheld sonar??

Hey, does anyone out there have this gadget? I am looking at getting one but I need to know how much ice it will shoot through, if it is only a foot then it won't be worth it for me.
Thanks guys, Matt

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I'm not sure how much ice it will shoot through, but it has the more watts than any of its competitors so it should go through more, but I don't think that that really a factor. I have heard that it will shoot through snow.

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Thing is...a Vex can shoot through ice too (I've done it on ice over two feet thick); take along a sports bottle of water, move the snow away, and spray a little water on the surface of the ice.  Put your Vex trasducer flush on the ice, turn the unit on and turn your gain up some.  It will show the bottom, not well defined, but will at least give you an idea of the depth you're over.  A neat little "trick" most Vex owners learn.

So if you already have a Vex, spending another $100 on the LX-I might be redundant, or you may want to consider getting a unit that marks fish and shows you the whole column, as opposed to a high-tech depth checker.   If you don't have a traditional sonar yet, I'd recommend saving that $100 for the LX-I and putting it toward a traditional sonar.

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I have had the LX-1 for 2 years now. I love it. I have never had a problem with ice shot through some very thick ice last week on the hook. The Vex does work well but the Marcum is nice and portable and isnt picky about ice clarity. you will need a small bottle of water.....just poor a little on the ice and the marcum will take care of the rest.............Z

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I also have had marcum for 2 years now and when I bought it I also bought the "blue" polor ice, I think that was the name, so I could compare and there was no comparison the marcum worked 100 times better than the polor ice..As far as the thickness it can go through. I was at skunk bay a few weeks ago and my auger bottomed out when I broke through the ice. Not sure the length of my jiffy auger but a few days after that people had to use extensions for there auger..Anyway my marcum shot through that ice instantly with no problem....Also, I agree Vex works, thats what I used before I bought hand held marcum, but to me , right when I get to area im going to fish it is so much easier grabbing my hand held with a water bottle and instantly find out the depth than to drag my vex around.

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hmmm. i have the Marcum, too, and think it underperforms compared to my old Polar. Finicky - needs to be just perfect ice surface, even takes several attempts when shooting from inside a cleared hole. that said, still more convenient than dragging my Vex around. IMHO, i'd look for another brand next time (maybe i got a lemon, though).