Lund Fury

Has anyone fished out of one of these yet?  What is your opinion on the Lund Fury?  It looks like a nice little package for the price?  What motor do you have on it and how fast is the top end speed?

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i saw that package deal for around 8 grand. i thought that was a good price for a new boat, im really thinking about it.

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where did you see it for around 8k? i thought it was more like 11

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I have no experience with the Fury, but once you throw a 40hp on the 1600(I would'nt go less) plus trolling motor, depth finder etc.  the boat would be pushing $13,000 for a bare bones style boat. IMO there are lots of higher quality used boats out there for half that price, but to each there own.

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mhanson6 Said:
where did you see it for around 8k? i thought it was more like 11

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What Lund has done is resurrect the name but not the boat.  I purchased a Fury in 89.  Unfortunately It ended up laying on hiway 2 intersection to the Cenex station in Stanley in 2001.  By then it was no longer made.  Mine had a 60 hp Merc on it and would top out at just over 30mph.  I would get about 6 mile per gal.  I replaced it with a 2001 Rebel and have cussed at that boat every trip sense.  There are other reasons to put up with it.  The  Rebel of that era was basiclly the same boat as the Fury of 89 with a different layout minus the 4 inch wide gunnels on the side.  Kick myself many times for not taking it back to Lund and have them gut and reconfigure.  Google 89 Lund Fury and it should come up with what was and compare. Mine started with a 50 on it and I upgraded after a few years.  Did a lot better with the 60 and I felt the 75 would be too much.  Good luck in whatever you do.