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Lowrance vs Humminbird

by , Posted to on 01/29/2009 11:15 AM | "Quote" | "Quick Reply" |

Joined: 09/09/2005
Location: ND
I'm looking at getting a Lowrance HDS-10 or Humminbird 1197 for my boat (fish mainly Sak). The main advantage of the Humminbird appears to be the side imaging. Has anybody used this? It looks cool but is it just marketing hype? Would appreciate any and all feedback.

Re: Lowrance vs Humminbird
by on 01/29/2009 11:26 AM | Reply #1 | "Quote" | "Quick Reply" |

Joined: 08/16/2004
Location: ND
Let me start by saying I dont have the H-bird side imaging in my boat but do know a few that do.


The basic sonar isnt on par with Lowrance, but the side imaging is awesome to say the least (see cracks in pillars of old bridge pilings on Oahe). Easy to mark trolling passes from a distance with the side scan, mark structure to hit later or with a different technique, etc. My dream electronics package is the 1197 on console with a global map (like Lakemaster chips more than Nav), and a 27 or 28 hooked to the US on my bowmount up front.

Not enough out on the new HD Lowrance units yet. Only time will tell. I'll stick with the older, less expensive units until the new HD is very well proven. If I HAD to chose right now between the H-birds and the HD Lowrances Id go all H-bird. Lowrance customer service has lacked the last couple years...I dont want to deal with all new technology AND bad customer service.
Re: Lowrance vs Humminbird
by on 01/29/2009 12:04 PM | Reply #2 | "Quote" | "Quick Reply" |

Joined: 01/08/2003
Location: ND
Concur with luveyes, H-Bird is awesome and the side imaging is awesome UNLESS you get in shallow water (less than 8 feet) unless you are sitting still.

I already had my HD disscussion earlier and there are pros and cons to it, I would wait for a year or so.


Lost your phone call the other night, you must have found one of those ND valley's!! LOL Talk with you later.

Good Luck and Good Fishin'

Eric T

Re: Lowrance vs Humminbird
by on 02/01/2009 08:11 AM | Reply #3 | "Quote" | "Quick Reply" |

Joined: 03/18/2007
Location: ND
I would rather have scuba gear. With the 24 hour air tanks
Re: Lowrance vs Humminbird
by on 02/01/2009 11:02 AM | Reply #4 | "Quote" | "Quick Reply" |

Joined: 12/23/2007
Location: ND
Yea that side imaging is pretty awesome looking. i have never ran it, but it looks really cool. i like that fact that you can be using the SI and mark a rock pile out away from the boat with a waypoint at that rockpile.

As far as the sonar goes, i myself am looking at getting either the 580 combo (12 level gray scale) or the 587c Combo (color). i have done research on the humminbirds and the Lowrance, and i think i would rather have one of these humminbirds over the lowrance 520 or 522. I guess either way i am pretty sure i'd be happy

Re: Lowrance vs Humminbird
by on 02/01/2009 4:59 PM | Reply #5 | "Quote" | "Quick Reply" |

Joined: 09/13/2005
Location: ND
I don't have side immage, but love it. One of these years I will break down and fork over the money for one. I love my Lowrance though. I believe that Lowrance makes the best combo GPS/sonar. Their ou can get Navionics for all the units, but only Lake Master has 1ft topos of Devils Lake, and the new Dakota chip is really sweet. I think I might get the 5inch side image unit and run it right next to my Lowrance.
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