Leaking Aluminum Boat

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Leaking Aluminum Boat

Looking to buy a 16 foot aluminum boat from Grandpa, i've used it many times in the past and getting the family discount makes this boat a no brainer to buy.  The boat leaks from a few of the rivets and also leaks from the plug.  My question is, what is the easiest way to seal up the plug or can you make or buy a new one?  Also i've read a few things on how to fix the rivets but i'd like to know what the best way to do so by someone who has actually had experience with it.  Any info would be great, thanks.

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The new plug isn't a problem. You can find a new one at any boat shop.
As far as the leaking rivets........do you know any pipeliners?
They all have access to "coating repair sticks" that work like a dream. You just rough the area up with a little sandpaper, heat the repair stick with a torch, and apply. They work every time.

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 Paint it. 

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I had a buddy linex his old river "cat'n" boat, its fricken awesome.


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I have used fiber glass to fix this exact problem in the past and has worked great.  in fact I have a 12 foot duck boat that I fixed over 10 years ago and still keeps the water out. 

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 kind of depends on where the leaky rivets are in my opinion.  

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Get some of that spray on TV.  Heck, it's got to be less leaky than a screen door.

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 I have a 12' aluminum boat that had a lot of leaky rivets. The rivets were 3/16" in diameter. I drilled out the ones that leaked and replaced them with a larger 1/4" rivet. If you don't want to drill them out you can always try to rebuck the rivets to make them tighter. Doesn't always work but it might. If you need rivets you can get them online or any boat dealership should have the right size for you.  The rivets I replaced have all held up and it should be a permanent fix. Make sure you get solid rivets and NOT pop rivets. They will leak as fast as you put them in. If you really want the boat sealed up you can get a product called "Gluv it". I used it on mine and it works great. It seals the inside of the hull permanently and dries hard as a rock. You can get it online. Fix the rivets first and then use the Gluv it.


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Captain Ahab Said:
Get some of that spray on TV.  Heck, it's got to be less leaky than a screen door.

I was thinking the same thing
You can fish right off the screen door its so good.

Flex Seal its called.


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We fixed my dads old mr pike up. It leaked from several rivets. We just stripped the boat out and pit I think 2 layers of the knock off rino lining and 4 yrs later still no leaks.

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Love that commercial! 

Captain Ahab Said:
Get some of that spray on TV.  Heck, it's got to be less leaky than a screen door.