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Lake Ashtabula - Saturday, August 27, 2011

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Anyone having any luck? thinking about giving bula a try. Any tips or direction to go for eyes would be helpful

Thanks, J

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Region: Lake Ashtabula

Categories: Fishing
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Joined: 06/14/2010
Location: nd, USA
by on 08/27/2011 09:12 AM | Reply #1 "Quote" | "Quick Reply" |
Try fishing the east side south of eggerts. I usually have good luck there. Troll a rod with a bottom bouncer spinner and live bait. And one rod with a crank. Good luck!
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Joined: 08/31/2005
Location: ND, USA
by on 08/29/2011 3:41 PM | Reply #2 "Quote" | "Quick Reply" |
The perch are chewing up the crawlers....bigger ones 10in + and walleyes are runnig a bit deeper now-a-days. Northerns and smallies are cruising in 8-15 FOW along with lots of perch and bullheads....18-24FOW is were the nice perch and walleye hang far as location on the lake....get a map close your eyes and point

I 've had luck almost everywhere on the lake from south of the crossing to the dam...but very rarely in the same place twice

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