Lake of the Woods ice fishing

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Lake of the Woods ice fishing

Looking to go to Lake of the Woods ice fishing this year for the first time.  Thinking about getting a sleeper house for 2-3 nights.  looking for information on which resort to go through and what time of year to go.  thanks for the help

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 I would recommend against a sleeper house and just get shuttled each day.  The bite is done at dark and that's a long time in a fish house without action and a shower/plumbing.  Go as early as you can or as late as you can.

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Arneson's Resort on the south shore is a good one to use. I would recommend though going to the Northwest Angle and fish up there. You will catch a lot more fish than on the south shore. Also, if you are going to the NWA, you can now bring as much beer across the Canadian border as you want, as long as you are going to the NWA.  Some lodges up there are Sportsman Lodge, Bay Store Camp these are on an Island that you drive on an ice road to get to them.  The best time to go is either early in the season or towards the end of it.

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 I hope this means you have ice fishing fever as bad as I do

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I would also recommend the northwest angle. check out young's bay resort.
We stay there in the summer for the last ten years.
Here's the link


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 Skip it and go to Lake Winnipeg. You will not regret it.

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 I would also look at the angle right after Christmas  .  Look into the angle outpost. The new owner is Jason goulet and his family. He also bought  red fox ice fishing, but has helped rc Carlson for years before purchasing.. I have taken my boy up there ice fishing several time and used their bombardier service.  They will really take care of you . Seems  you catch bigger fish up there compared to the south end of LOW.  

Good luck