Lake Sakakawea - Wednesday, January 8, 2014

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Anybody been out lately around the Skunk Bay area???Mossett Bay area???Looking for ice conditions and if anybody is having any luck...Thanks

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Fished Skunk Bay on 1/25/14. Got on the ice around 8:00am. Was kinda hazy and foggy. Accessed the lake and was heading North to go around the 1st bend to a spot we fished last year. Was driving and looking out at the horizon at this object that I couldn't quite figure out what it was. Got about 200 yds. away and realized that it was a newer white Ford F150 facing us 1/2 swallowed up by a pressure crack/ridge. Heard from a guy fishing out there that it opened up the night before and the guy didn't see it and went in on Friday night, tough break. We set up only about 1/2 mile from the access on the west bank in about 41 ft. Was using the Clam 1660 Six Pack hub shelter. Caught a nice 30+ inch northern right away dropping my set line down. Caught about 15' down the water column. 2 guys- 4 lines in the fish house/ 4 tip ups. Ended up catching 5 northerns and 1 dinky walleye (after dark). Litterally got blown off the lake...Hub shelter flew about 200 yds., launched me and my buddy out of the house. Had to pick up my stuff all over the lake in 40+ MPH winds, in the dark. Fun day, crappy end to it.

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